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About Us

Illawarra Healing Place was founded in Oak Flats in 2017 by Kelly and Megan. 


We value living a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health. These feelings continue to inform and guide our core teachings, treatments and services at Illawarra Healing Place. 

We believe the human body is designed to repair itself when it gets sick or finds itself in a state of dis-ease.

There is clear evidence that shows that those who nurture their bodies, minds and spirits while staying hopeful and believing in their own healing ability are more likely to become well and whole again.  It is important that you remain optimistic and that your mind and body can stay as relaxed as possible, because only in this state of focus, calm and relaxation can your body fight off illness and disharmony.

Illawarra Healing Place can help you to find your state of balance.

We welcome you into our beautiful space that is dedicated to healing.

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