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Your Wellness Professionals 


Holistic Kinesiologist

Reiki Practitioner

Megan  is one of the founders here at Illawarra Healing Place.

She is a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist, and is passionate about helping people on their path towards wellness and getting back to a state of balance in life. Kinesiology, being a holistic system of natural health care draws on a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques to assess the body as a whole.

Megan has also completed studies in Intuitive Awareness , is a Level III Reiki Practitioner & teacher, qualified Meditation Teacher and is a member of the Australian  Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and  the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA).

Find BALANCE, with Megan.

Kelly Cole



Bowen Therapist

Kelly is one of the founders of Illawarra Healing Place. She is an experienced and skilled psychologist with a specific interest in working with individuals impacted by substance and mental health issues. Her career has spanned a variety of health service positions in dual diagnosis residential rehabilitation, outpatient drug and alcohol counselling, child and adolescent mental health, specialist child and family intervention, and general community counselling. Kelly values being professional, non-judgmental, empathic, solution-focused.

Kelly is also trained in the Bowen technique to assist mind-body healing. This technique involves gentle yet purposeful movements over muscles and connective tissue to balance the body and support  transitioning from a state of stress to one of deep relaxation.

Currently, you will find Kelly continuing her path at "Worthy Psychology" 

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Isabella Kirby

Intuitive & Psychic

Isabella is an intuitive psychic, who is passionate about guiding, supporting and empowering people toward their highest life path. Skilled in a range of tools for her channelled readings, including tarot, oracle, pendulum, and automatic writing which aid her connection with Spirit teams, for the individuals she tunes into and reads for. Experienced in claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, Isabella is able to gain insights and provide her clients with the highest form of guidance for their current life choices, and potential paths.

Isabella is also currently undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is working towards her career goal of becoming a spiritual psychologist. Well versed in counselling techniques, building rapport, and discussing sensitive situations, Isabella hopes to motivate and inspire her clients to improve their self-awareness, and belief in themselves.

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